PPS is South Africa’s last remaining Mutual Insurance company. It provides a suite of financial and healthcare products specifically tailored to meet the needs of graduate professionals and its targeted customer base. PPS provides its members with Life, Health, Property, Casualty and Investment products. We worked with PPS on a new insurance administration system for their Life and Health Insurance line of business.

The first step that was brought into production was the new Billing System. The second step was the enlivening of their new Policy Administration system, including the migration of all existing policies on this new platform.

The new platform enables PPS to introduce new products very rapidly.
The Silvermoon approach delivered a system that is at the same time customer-centric and product-driven.

PPS continues to run their core insurance operations on this system. It supports:

  • Policy administration
  • Billing and collection
  • Agency and broker management and commissions
  • Claims management


In the area of underwriting, a BPM solution and an underwriting-rules engine were integrated to drive customers “straight through” the underwriting process as much as possible. The process collects and analyses client risk data before issuing insurance policies.

Initially, the system was intended to be used for PPS’s business in the countries of South Africa and Namibia. Currently, it is also used for PPS Mutual in Australia. Over time, the system at PPS was modernised and is now running in the cloud on open-source technology, driving further cost saving and operational efficiencies.

PPS is a profitable mutual insurance company and allocated R5.5bn (approximately $372 million) to its members in 2021.

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